Sibyl for Media Brands

Sibyl for Media Brands is an Audience Experience Management (AEM) platform that gives you the tools to conduct any type of survey research your organization might need, collect critical insights that will help you retain and expand your audience, optimize your content/events, and maximize the utility of your resources. Sibyl allows you total control of your valuable client list, survey deployment, and responses ensuring the privacy and security of your assets.

Gain competitive and market intelligence

Measure and Track Event and Editorial Preferences

Yield rich, unforeseen insights and actionable feedback

Reveal the “whys” behind satisfaction ratings

A Central Voice of the Audience (VoA) Platform

Different survey campaigns with different goals, products, events, or audience touch points.
Study data can be analyzed separately or combined together for advanced analysis.

Attractive and simple email surveys that encourage response

Customizable emails

Branded to you

Mobile and tablet optimized

Sometimes ‘how you ask’ for something makes all the difference…


NPS question is embedded directly in the body of the email


Survey emails come directly from your own custom sub-domain, not a third party software vendor

Field Surveys to your Customers at Any Touch Point

Email Email
Web Web
Social Social Media
App Apps

Information is only as powerful as your understanding of it

Turn your data into intelligence

Unlimited custom filtering of your respondents and their feedback

Segment your audience/subscriber list by any custom variables you choose

Track and Analyze your Quantitative and Qualitative survey data over time using any custom variables of your choosing.

Our Text Analysis engine identifies common trends in feedback

Create beautiful charts, graphs, heat maps, and quadrant analyses

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  • Export data, beautiful charts, and graphs with one click
  • Charts export in excel format for flexibility
  • SPSS exports

‘Customer Success’ is an

organization-wide goal

  • Use ‘Alerts’ to inform the right people when certain feedback is received
  • Sibyl gives you a central VoA (Voice of the Audience) database that can be accessed by your entire organization and can filter specific types of intelligence to the individuals who can effect change.

A Centralized VoA Database

  • With the ability to segment your audience into well-defined groups using our custom data filters, you can select the right members of your audience to reach out to for product development/R&D surveys, target relevant marketing material to, or offer special promotions and benefits to.

Automate follow-ups with respondents based on criteria

Use our in-app inbox to respond to audience comments and scores

Close the Loop

Custom Profiles : Intelligent design allows for personalized replies on behalf of all your account managers to be controlled by one individual

The inbox allows for managerial oversight to ensure no audience falls through the cracks and provides a history of audience communications.

API Support

Integrate with the rest of your tech stack
Automate survey sends after any customer touch point
Import survey and other VoA (voice of the audience) data into your CRM and vice versa

Custom Integrations

Sibyl integrates out of the box with many popular CRM systems such as SalesForce, but not every organization uses the same customer database tools. Lucky for you, we love doing custom integration work!

Not all Survey Software is Created Equal

Sibyl isn’t just an Audience Experience Management Platform, it's a full-feature Survey Software Suite

Sibyl was created by market researchers who have had extensive experience using various survey platforms over the last several decades. We've programmed thousands of surveys and strived to create a user experience that gives researchers powerful functionality and flexibility with 'drag and drop' simplicity.

  • Full-feature survey software
  • Custom themes
  • Multiple question types
  • Advanced Survey Logic
  • Conditional visibility
  • Piping
  • Branching
  • Terminates
  • Randomization
  • Custom End Pages
  • URL Parameter Data Capturing
  • Customizable Question Library
  • SPSS export
  • Excel chart/graph export

You can use Sibyl for

  • Event Feedback
  • Event Registration/RSVP
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Course/Instructor Evaluation
  • Editorial Content Research
  • Patient Feedback
  • Quizzes, tests or other assessments
  • Research & Development
  • Product/Service idea assessment
  • Academic Research
  • Quick Polling
  • General Form (e.g. collect contact information)
  • Custom Market Research

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